It sounds like Justin Bieber does not want his mom to be going to any fantasy suites with The Bachelor host Chris Harrison anytime soon.

The Biebs spilled to Ryan Seacrest recently that he's not a big fan of seeing his mom, Pattie Mallette, and Chris together. "They both came to my show, but I'm pretty sure they came separate," Justin explains. "I'm still not cool with it, but I guess I'm going to have to be."

What makes Justin's statement especially surprising is that Ryan Seacrest was the one who set up Justin's mom and Chris Harrison, since Ryan and Chris are longtime buddies.

We're not sure if Justin has a specific problem with Chris Harrison, or if he just isn't thrilled about having his mom's dates get discussed so publicly. "I’m 18 now. She told me she would wait until I was 18 to do the dating thing again," Justin says. "My mom's still got to have a life."

So it appears that Justin would like Chris Harrison and his mom to take a moment and say their goodbyes. For good.

Sources: GatherShowbiz Spy

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