Attention, single ladies (and taken Victoria’s Secret models)! Justin Bieber is newly single and welcoming adoring-slash-lusting fans with arms wide open in his new, revealing Instagram photo.

“What song is next?” he wrote on Saturday as he posted the photo, though he might as well have wrote “What girl is next?” Let’s be real. It’s not a trivia game for eagle-eyed concertgoers familiar with his Believe tour wardrobe; it’s a shameless flaunting of skin.

Not that he’s not entitled. Clearly he’s been hitting the gym, and any shirtless pic sends his rabid Beliebers into a frenzy... which is good for business.

We’re not sure he’s entitled to wear his jeans that low, though we’re sure Ralph Lauren appreciates the endorsement.

Plus, it’s artistically black-and-white... perhaps to hide his pale Canadian skintone!

Anyway, enough of our speculation. Check it out below and let us know in the comments if you like what you see or if you can’t get past his barely-legal status.

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Credit: Justin Bieber on Instagram Photo: Justin Bieber Takes Off His Shirt in Concert