Oh, Justin.

Justin Bieber just can't stop getting tangled up in controversy, as photos have surfaced of him at a party near a large bottle of codeine cough syrup, according to TMZ.

The photos show Justin and his two friends, Lil Za and Lil Twist, at a table rolling blunts, with the cough syrup bottle sitting nearby. On a side note, that may be the most times we've ever used the word "lil" in a sentence.

Photos also apparently show Justin drinking out of a double cup, and a double cup is a popular way of consuming the cough syrup, which is known as "sizzurp."

Sources close to Justin have apparently denied that he consumes sizzurp.

This comes on the heels of supposed photos showing him smoking pot this week, along with Justin reportedly trying to hook up again with the nursing student he may (or may not have) cheated on Selena with.

We think Justin could benefit from some time away from the party scene. Maybe he could try a few nights at home with a good book and a nice cup of tea?

Source: TMZ