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Justin Bieber's birthday was bad enough  and then Selena Gomez had to go and make it a little bit worse.

After Justin's disastrous 19th birthday earlier this month, he texted Selena about how sad he was, but she couldn't care less, according to Hollywood Life.

"Justin texted Selena about how depressed he was about his birthday party being a disaster, but she just ignored him," a source says. "She’s been laughing about his ridiculous outfits and thinks he’s just being needy." Ouch!

"She’s moving on and having fun with all of her friends and family — she doesn’t have time for him," the source adds.

Justin has had some bad times lately, between his health scare and his profane tirade directed at a photographer.

And here we thought there wasn't a single woman alive who would ignore one of Justin Bieber's texts. Selena is clearly stronger than we would be.

Source: Hollywood Life