Mariah Yeater caused some serious waves last year when she very publicly accused Justin Bieber of fathering her baby — and up until now, the pop icon has remained surprisingly calm about the whole situation.

But all that changed with a particularly jabbing tweet by Justin during “RANDOMTWITTERHOUR,” in which the singer posted a series of head-scratching 140-character liners. 

On Saturday night he wrote, “Dear mariah yeeter...we have never from the heart i just wanted to say..." followed by a YouTube clip from the movie Borat in which Sacha Baron Cohen repeatedly says, “You will never get this.” 

Justin’s tweet was, to put it softly, a little harsh (and very random — Yeater’s case was dismissed months ago). But the incident was a gentle reminder for the rest of us: Justin’s a teenage boy with an eighteen-year-old’s immature streak, not that super-human species we’ve come to expect.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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