Credit: Getty Images

We’re used to Justin Bieber wearing baggy pants — often with bizarre, dropped crotches — and now Canada’s most famous export is trying to convince us that we wouldn’t want it any other way.

“To those of you who tell me not to sag my pants, double-think that,” quipped Justin as he Instagrammed this photo on January 12.

Well... we see your point, Justin; It’s not the most flattering look we’ve ever seen.

But we still contend that the Biebs should “Never Say Never.” He just needs a slightly longer inseam to avoid the Michael Jackson white-sock look. And, in the words of a coworker, he can’t be pulling off that “West Side Story pose.”

Still, his followers are skinny-jean Beliebers, posting comments like “Much better,” “I love this style,” and “Perfect.”

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