Will Justin Bieber start fighting crime now?

Justin turned 19 on March 1, and his dad bought him a custom-made Batman motorcycle to celebrate the occasion, according to TooFab.

Justin's dad posted a video of the "bat bike" that he gave Justin, which was personalized with Batman logos, a few of Justin's tattoos, and the words "35 mil. followers," representing all those Beliebers who are following Justin on Twitter.

It's cute how proud his dad is of Justin!

We think this a pretty awesome gift  although maybe not the best idea for someone who has been pulled over for speeding as often as Justin has.

Justin had previously referred to this year's birthday as his worst ever, presumably because of an altercation he apparently had in a London nightclub. But we think a personalized motorcycle can go a long way in improving his special day.

Source: TooFab