How do you say "embarrassing" in Portuguese?

Justin Bieber has canceled one of his two concerts in Portugal this week, and now word has it that ticket sales were too low to justify the concert, according to TMZ.

Sources say that the choice to cut the Tuesday concert was a "business decision" and not a result of Justin's recent health issues. 

Apparently, ticket sales were for the concert were "good," with "more than 60%" of the venue having been sold out  but these sales were too "soft" to warrant going through with the performance.

It's not uncommon for an artist to call of a show due to so-so ticket sales, but the fact that the Biebs has to at what would seem to be the height of his popularity is certainly surprising.

Is all the negative Bieber-related press starting to cure people of their Bieber fever? Or are the good people of Portugal just not as Bieber-crazed as we are?

Either way, it sounds like Justin could use somebody to love buy tickets.

Source: TMZ