Credit: Twitter Photo: Justin Bieber's date, Ella-Paige

He still likes brunettes!

Justin Bieber was
spotted at Justin Timberlake's London concert on Wednesday, accompanied by an "exotic-looking brunette." Who is the lady?

According to the Daily Mail, Justin’s date was 17-year-old Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke. On her Twitter page, Ella-Paige describes herself as a singer/songwriter/model, with her location as “In Your Head.” (But her real location seems to be London.)

A source told the Daily Mail, “Since she was at school she always wanted to be famous. The weird thing is she has worked so hard but just being seen with Justin Bieber is probably going to make her career.”

That may be an overstatement (as well as a snarky statement), but at least she’s getting her name out there.

Source: The Daily Mail