Credit: Getty Photo: Justin Bieber at the AMAs on November 20, 2011

Unbeliebably, the woman who claimed Justin Bieber is her son’s baby daddy is still around — and still armed with fightin’ words about “the truth” coming out. In the latest round of paternity news, Mariah Yeater has agreed to submit her baby for a DNA test to compare to Justin’s already-submitted test, her attorney tells TMZ.

“[Mariah] is NOT avoiding the DNA test, and can't wait to compare baby Tristyn's DNA with Justin Bieber's.”

Naturally, her legal team takes issue with the legitimacy of the Biebs’ sample, claiming “a member of Yeater's team was not present while it was administered and he has no idea if the test was done using proper controls.”

We’re not ones to pass judgment, but is there really a need to drag this dirty laundry out in front of Justin’s 50 bajillion teenage (and tween-age) fans? Sometimes it doesn’t feel like this case will ever be settled. But we’re still Beliebers, so we’ll Never Say Never.

Source: TMZ

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