We just need somebody some hamster to love.

Justin Bieber's pet hamster PAC  which the pop star randomly handed to a fan a few months ago  has died, according to TMZ.

After his Jingle Ball concert in Atlanta in December, the Biebs handed his pet hamster in a cage to a completely surprised fan who happened to be standing nearby.

The 18-year-old fan, Tori McClure, has taken care of PAC since then, until the furry little guy sadly passed away this week.

Apparently, Tori took the hamster to the vet two weeks ago when it started losing its hair, and the animal never recovered.

Tori says she buried PAC next to a tree in her backyard.

"It's very peaceful there," she says.

Suddenly, we have a feeling a lot of Justin Bieber fans are going to want to take a pilgrimage to that tree.

We'll miss you, PAC!

Source: TMZ