Is Justin Bieber still not over Selena Gomez? You make the call!

Justin's iPhone screensaver is a photo of Selena looking as smoldering as ever, according to TMZ.

The Biebs was photographed in Amsterdam recently, and he can be seen holding his phone, which has a pic of Selena on it. Crazy!

The pic that Justin is using of Selena is from her March 4 photo shoot, in which she is wearing a sexy blue dress in the desert. We can't say we blame the guy for wanting to stare at that hot pic 24/7!

The only question now is whether Selena sent him the photo, or whether he somehow tracked it down online. Either way, Justin clearly can't stop thinking about her! 

This follows news that Selena reportedly met up with Justin in Norway this week.

"They have a crazy connection," a source says about them. "They just can't seem to break their connection. It can be intense."

Sounds like the two are patching things up! But is this a good thing, or do you think they're better off finding other people?

Apparently, all Justin needs is a beauty and a beat on his screensaver.

Source: TMZ