Credit: Dave Hogan/Getty Images Photo: Does Jon Hamm Play Piano?

It's fitting that Mad Men star Jon Hamm would admire Justin Timberlake given Justin's recent song Suit and Tie, but it turns out, Jon admires more than just Justin's music.


“I’m a big fan of Justin Timberlake,” says the 42-year-old TV star. “I think he’s a trendsetter, as they say. But he’s always been kind of a natty dresser.”


But proving that he isn't totally in the tank for Timberlake, Jon did recall one of Justin's infamous fashion missteps.


“That one unfortunate picture of him in that denim tuxedo excused,” Jon said, referring to Justin’s 2001 American Music Awards ensemble that he matched with his then girlfriend, Britney Spears.


Mad Men returns this April where he will no doubt continue to influence the culture with his dapper 'Suit and Tie' looks.


Source: In Touch Weekly