Credit: Splash News

Grammy winner Kanye West is good at a lot of things, but it looks like keeping a charity running isn’t one of them. According to The Daily, the Kanye West Foundation donated a grand total of $0 last year.

The charity’s 2010 fax filings revealed that their spending was so high that it pretty much cancelled out the contributions they received. They racked up $551,383 in expenses, most of which paid employee salaries and other overhead expenditures. The rest went to things like “professional fees” and “other expenses.”

Although Kanye and his company, West Brands, donated a total of $123,501 to the foundation, it wasn’t enough to save it. According to the Kanye West Foundation’s former executive director, Joseph Collins, it’s “in the process of being dissolved.”

Apparently, Kanye ain’t messin’ with no broke charity.

Source: The Daily

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