Did you even know 2 Broke Girls star Kat Dennings had a feud with Drake fans? Kat was on Chelsea Lately, and Chelsea Handler teased Kat about "trying to be seduced" by Drake.

"Hey, listen, let's get this right for one second," Kat said (via E! News) with a laugh.

"What happened was, and I'm glad we're talking about this, Drake was super nice and said something on Twitter about me. I can't honestly remember word for word of the 140 characters. But I had met him when I was, like, 19 when I was doing an indie film in Toronto, and so he said something, and I didn't realize that happened. So when I got home, I had, like, 50,000 new followers out of nowhere."


Sounds great ... but not if they're 50,000 new haters. (Side note: Do you think Amanda Bynes was one of the haters, since she occasionally loves Drake?)

"They were like ...  'F--k you, Kat Dennings,' like 'You can't take Drake from me. He's mine,'" Kat said. "I'm literally not trying to take Drake from you! And then I realized what had happened, and then we started talking and he's super, super nice. ... He's a lovely person. He's a nice man."

They did go out for sushi, but Kat called it a "hang" out, not a date. For the record, Kat already has a boyfriend, her 2 Broke Girls co-star Nick Zano, who plays Johnny. Sorry!

Source: E! News