Credit: WPA/Getty Images Photo: Pregnant Kate Middleton at the National Review of Scouts, April 22, 2013

Maybe the Kate Middleton was mysteriously tiny earlier in her pregnancy, but now, at a solid six months along, there’s no hiding her growing pregnancy. The Duchess of Cambridge honored some young citizens at the National Review of Queen’s Scouts — something normally the Queen herself does, but Kate seems to have taken over — on Sunday at Windsor Castle, and even under her Mulberry coat, her bump was clearly visible.

Still, the highly influential lady looks just as perky and well-coiffed as ever, fully deserving of her position on InStyle UK’s Most Desired Wardrobe list — even this far along. Kate, your royal pregnancy is apparently magic. (Either that, or the Royal Baby is!)

Credit: E! News via AOL Photo: Kate Middleton’s Baby Bump is Definitely Showing Now! (VIDEO)