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Kate Upton got guys’ mouths watering for more than just a juicy burger when she neared second base with a Southwest Patty Melt in a racy commercial for Carl’s Jr. last year.

Now 20-year-old Danish swimsuit model Nina Agdal is getting greasy for the same fast-food chain, making sweet love to an Atlantic Cod Fish Sandwich on a beach in a new TV spot.

Both ads bring out our maternal desire to wipe the girls’ faces with a damp napkin, but we’re betting men find the campaign’s content a whole lot meatier.

Of the two commercials, which is hotter? Or do they both strike you as being a little too over-the-top?

Credit: YouTube Photo: Kate Upton Stars in Racy Carl's Jr. Ad (VIDEO)
Credit: YouTube Photo: Nina Agdal Stars in Racy Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s Ad (VIDEO)