Sports Illustrated cover model and new “It” girl Kate Upton is featured in a new ad for skate brand Zoo York, but MTV and Adult Swim (really?)  have banned the commercial. The violation? An "erect nipple" and "bleeped profanity,” according to the brand’s press release (via New York Daily News).

We watched the commercial (it’s our job!) and we didn’t think the first offense was obvious enough for the aforementioned networks (which show a lot worse in their programming, BTW) to ban it. Let’s be real, Kate Upton herself has appeared in much racier ads, including the infamous Carl’s Jr. one in which she practically makes love to a burger and another for SoBe featuring her making suggestive faces while wearing a skimpy  bikini. The Zoo York commercial is tame by comparison.

Check out the vids below and tell us — which ad is really too hot for TV?

Zoo York ad

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Credit: Extra Photo: Kate Upton Stars in Banned Zoo York Commercial (VIDEO)

Carl's Jr. ad

Credit: YouTube Photo: Kate Upton Stars in Racy Carl's Jr. Ad (VIDEO)

Sobe ad

Credit: YouTube Photo: Kate Upton Stars in Sexy SoBe Ad