Maybe it was all that testosterone she was surrounded by today, March 17, that made Kate Middleton admit she hopes her firstborn is a boy!

People reports that when the royal brunette was handing out symbolic shamrocks to members of the Irish Guard earlier today at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Aldershot, England, she revealed her preference.

While receiving a long-service medal in today’s ceremony, Sergeant Thomas Laven congratulated the Duchess of Cambridge on her pregnancy. He added that he has a seven-month-old son, Theo, and warmly warned Kate of sleepless nights to come. The sergeant says he asked Kate whether she knew the gender of her child, and Kate replied, “I’d like to have a boy, and William would like a girl.”

Kate wants a little William, and William wants a little Kate: too cute! 

We’re leaning toward thinking this wasn’t a slipup on Kate’s part, but a well-plotted response that shows she and William are equally excited and hopeful. There’s a 50% chance it could be a boy or a girl, but no matter what this baby will be 100% loved! 

According to her conversation with the honoree, Kate doesn’t yet have any names selected. What names do you suggest, and would you rather see a royal baby girl or baby boy?

Source: People