Credit: Peter Kramer/NBC Photo: The Today Cast

Umm, how do we put this delicately? Or rather, more delicately than Kathie Lee Gifford?  

Every lady has her preference, but usually she keeps it to herself — or among her close friends and/or intimate partners. But not Kathie Lee! On Friday morning, she and Today co-host, Hoda Kotb, dished strong opinions — on national TV — in regards to a pretty hairy subject: pubic hair.

The two were discussing whether how a lady grooms herself, ahem, down there, reflects anything about her personality and dating life.

Kathie, who was brimming with early St. Patrick’s day cheer and kept breaking into a jolly Irish folk song, let it be known that she keeps things fairly natural there, praising whatever God gives us as a gift, even if it’s “a garden." And she's proud of it!   

NBC has already put the clip up on their site, so you can watch the jaw-dropping moment below. We warn, this is hardly a brief exchange: the vagina dialogues clock in at nearly 12 minutes. 

Kathie Lee is all about speaking her mind these days. Last August, she publicly called out Taylor Swift and Tay's then-boyfriend, Conor Kennedy, for allegedly crashing her daughter’s wedding. 

The former sidekick of Regis Philbin, who will turn 60 next year, has come a long way from the wholesome image she cultivated early in her career. We have to wonder, where has this brazenly loose-lipped lady come from?! Kristen Wiig's famous impersonation leads us to believe it comes straight from the wine bottle!

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