American Horror Story just added another Oscar winner!

As if the show needed any more acting talent, Kathy Bates will join American Horror Story for Season 3, according to TV Line.

Kathy will reportedly be playing the best friend of Jessica Lange's new character — until they later become enemies.  

Creator Ryan Murphy has revealed that Jessica will play a "glamour cat leading lady," which is quite different from how we saw her in Season 2. 

Ryan adds that this season will be "more historical in nature," although it will take place in the present.

Also returning to the cast with be Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Taissa Farmiga, and Frances Conroy, among others.

Kathy has recently been amazing us with her talent on such TV shows as Harry's Law and The Office.

This new season just might be the best one yet!

UPDATE: According to Zap2it, Kathy will be playing Marie Delphine LaLaurie, aka Madame LaLaurie. She's a real-life "terror of New Orleans" from the first half of the 19th century. She was a socialite who tortured and killed dozens of black slaves in her mansion. Yikes. And we thought Kathy was scary in Misery!

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