Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Photo: Katie Couric Shows Off Her Toned Arms at the Summer TCA Tour

While addressing a crowd of hundreds at the recent BlogHer 2012 conference in NYC, Katie Couric discussed her impressive news career and her upcoming self-titeld daytime talk show, set to debut in September. But during the Q&A session that followed, one brave attendee asked the burning question that was everyone’s mind. 

“Katie,” she said, “We’re all dying to know something. How do you get those guns?”

Couric broke into a huge grin. “What, these?” she asked, flexing her muscles. “Thank you so much for noticing.”

She then shared her secret to staying so buff: spin classes at Flywheel. “It’s my friend’s company,” she explained. “It really is a total body workout and it changed my body completely.”

Good to know, Katie. Thanks for the tip!