Credit: D. Hudson / Splash News Photo: Suri Cruise Samples Ice Cream in NYC

When news of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’s split broke last week, we were having total Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston flashbacks, and not in a good way.

While Tom has since celebrated a "somber" 50th birthday, his ex and their young daughter, Suri, have been making the most of their mother-daughter time by visiting some of their favorite New York City haunts.

Credit: Jacson / Splash News Photo: Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise Visit a Museum on July 5, 2012

On July 3, Katie and Suri hit up an ice cream shop in NYC, and Suri was seen chowing down on a delicious ice cream cone. 

Then yesterday, July 5, the stylish pair were seen leaving The Children’s Museum of the Arts with some friends. Suri didn’t look too pleased to see the swarm of paparazzi, but mama Katie (and several burly bodyguards) did their best to shield the little girl from the flashbulbs.

It’s clear that Katie is trying to make sure life is as “normal” as possible for Suri, but we have to think the little tyke misses her dad, too. Hang in there, Suri!