Once upon a time, Katie Holmes was just a Catholic school girl in Toledo, Ohio.

Celebuzz caught up with some of her old friends and they talked about Katie's interest in Scientology once she met her soon-to-be-ex-husband Tom Cruise.

“We thought it was very shocking when she turned to Scientology, since we were all brought up Catholic,” Kari Somo, a friend from Notre Dame Academy in Toledo, told Celebuzz. “I know her parents had an issue with it. I don’t think they were very happy with it.” Kari added, "I think Tom Cruise is very dominant and controlling. I don’t think their relationship is normal.”

Katie reportedly didn't have a boyfriend at the Catholic school, since her strict parents discouraged it. 

Credit: Christopher Peterson / Splash News Photo: Tom Cruise and Suri Cruise in New York City on July 17, 2012

Another old schoolmate, Angela Domschot, said Katie was a devout Catholic. “That is why it was so bizarre that she got involved in Scientology,” Angela said. “We were all shocked when she turned to Scientology, but when you’re besotted with someone, I guess you’ll do what they want.”

Or maybe she was just into it, at the time. There are plenty of famous Scientologists out there. Now Katie has reportedly enrolled Suri in Catholic school in New York City, so maybe she’s going back to her roots.

Read the full story for more from Katie's friends and family.

Source: Celebuzz

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