She brushes her teeth with a bottle of Jack  and plays music with boobs?

Ke$ha tells Conan O'Brien on April 30 that she has an unusual method of writing music, according to E! Online

"What I do is, I turn off all the lights, and I walk over to the piano, and I gently lower myself, my boobs, and they go on the keys, and I just let them tickle the ivories," Ke$ha claims.

"They really just go crazy," she adds.

Uh, okay. 

That wasn't Ke$ha's only kooky behavior on the show, as she also gave Conan two gifts: A pair of briefs with her face on them, and a tooth from her fan that was dipped in gold.

"I'm wearing your underwear, I've got the tooth, and thinking about your breasts playing the piano," Conan tells her. "This is the greatest night of my life."

This certainly isn't the first time she's said something out-of-the-ordinary. 

She has previously said that she used to drink her own pee, and that she would sleep with Justin Bieber. And who doesn't want to sleep with the girl who drinks her own pee? 

So the next time you're enjoying a hit Ke$ha song, you know which part of her anatomy to thank.

Source: E! Online