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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are continuing to spend every waking moment together  and they included a famous friend in the good times.

The two Twilight lovebirds went out with Katy Perry to enjoy a birthday dinner for Katy's assistant, according to E! Online.

In a brief video taken of the Santa Barbara event, Katy can be seen in a black-and-white shirt and appears to be in a good mood, despite having recently split from boyfriend John Mayer.

At the dinner, Rob and Kristen were said to be very affectionate and were even "holding onto each other." We love these two!

So while we're thrilled that Rob and Kristen are better than ever, we're bummed about Katy's breakup.

Still, somehow we don't think Katy is gonna have to look too hard to find a guy who's interested in dating her.

Source: E! Online