Kristen Stewart thinks her dogs really just want to talk to her.

“They definitely talk,” she told the Irish Times. “‘Arr Arr Arr!’ They think they can imitate me perfectly.”

Maybe the reason she spends so much time with her puppies is that humans are a little freaked out by her, you know, Twilight-ness. Yes, Kristen Stewart stole your imaginary vampire boyfriend. And she knows she owes you an apology.

“Girls, especially at a certain age, can be bullies. But I understand why. I understand their covetousness,” she said. “Edward is such an icon. All I can say is ‘sorry’ to anyone who thinks I’m not Bella Swan. Really. I’m sorry for stealing Edward. I completely relate to that. But I love the book just as much as they do and share their protective urges toward it.”

Source: Irish Times

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