Credit: Michael Muller/MTV Photo: THEN: Kristin Cavallari, Seasons 1-2

Kristin Cavallari has already talked about having a series of "fake relationships" and "fake fights" on The Hills, with producers making her feud with Lauren Conrad worse than it really was.

Now Kristin, 26, is on the cover of the Chicago Sun-Times Sunday magazine, SPLASH, talking about her new life with Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and their son, Camden. She said she's definitely not the person viewers saw back on Laguna Beach and The Hills.

“The producers were really crappy to me," she said (via RadarOnline). “I felt like everybody was against me and manipulating me, and that forced me to be a bitch.”

Kristin said she's always wanted to be a mom, and it's teaching her how to be selfless — and how to grow out of those late, late nights. She said she was at a birthday party last month and realized it was 2 a.m., “and I was like, ‘Oh my god, I’m so tired.’ That’s when I realized that this part of my life was behind me.”

She'll really know her life has changed when she has that same tired thought around 10 p.m.!

Source: RadarOnline