So next time someone wants to keep Prince Harry in check, call Gaga.

No one in the entertainment world made the top 10 when it comes to Forbes's list of The World's Most Powerful Women in 2012. The top spot went to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, followed by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. First Lady Michelle Obama took #7.

The highest-ranking "celebrity" is Oprah Winfrey, at #11. Lady Gaga is pretty close behind at #14. Between them are the CEOs of PepsiCo and Kraft Foods.

The U.K's Queen Elizabeth II — not having a great week, the dear — is down at #26.

Credit: Splash News

Beyonce Knowles took #32. Jennifer Lopez follows a bit at #38. Shakira is at #40. Ellen DeGeneres comes in at #47. Angelina Jolie is #66. (Seems like Angie should be higher, no?) Sofia Vergara is #75. J.K. Rowling needs to release another Harry Potter blockbuster, 'cause she's now down to #78. Gisele Bundchen is #83.

The rest of the list is mostly filled with the world's politicians and corporate executives. Is that how it should be?

Check out the list for yourself.

Source: Forbes

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