Credit: Miley Cyrus on Twitter

Liam Hemsworth's brother Luke called Miley Cyrus "lovely" and his wife said Miley loves to play with their kids. Liam's other brother, Thor star Chris, said of Miley and Liam, "We just want them to live a happy life." His wife Elsa added, "If they get married, it would be nice to go."

That "if" was really the only crack on the Hemsworth side (whereas Miley’s dad has been pretty open with his caution), but today Us Weekly has a story claiming Luke and Chris Hemsworth staged an intervention in April, in regard to their little bro's relationship with Miley. "They want him to end the romance for good," a source told Us. And while Miley and Liam are still reportedly together, another insider said, "Liam's pulling away."

Miley and Liam were supposedly planning to marry this summer, but postponed the wedding to take time to figure out their lives together. Maybe Liam’s bros had something to do with the postponement, or maybe Liam and Miley just realized on their own that there’s no need to rush into a lifelong commitment.

Source: Us Weekly



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