Liam Hemsworth's relatives feel that Miley Cyrus has already been "tamed."

Miley and Liam's engagement has been called into question recently by Liam's own sister-in-law, but other members of his family say Miley already feels like one of them, according to People.

"She plays with our kids," says Samantha Hemsworth, the wife of Liam's older brother Luke. "She loves our kids."  

Indeed, Luke calls Miley "lovely" and says his kids already call her "Aunt Miley"! So cute!

Luke says he has given Hunger Games star Liam some relationship advice, having told him, "Never go to bed angry. That's it." Sounds like a good plan — or else it could just make you really, really tired.

These new remarks seem to paint a much stronger picture of Miley and Liam's relationship than recent comments by Elsa Pataky — who is married to Thor star Chris Hemsworth.

"If they get married, it would be nice to go," Elsa said this week. Notice the big "if" in that sentence.

But judging by Samantha and Luke's comments, we're thinking that the odds of Liam and "Aunt Miley" getting married are definitely in their favor.

Source: People