Stars, they're just like us! They may have more glamorous jobs, but their kids fight and they get frustrated about it, just like everyone else.

Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts have two sons, Alexander (whom they call Sasha), age 5, and Samuel, 4. Liev told OK! Magazine the family doesn't have any big holiday traditions. “We’re going to stay home and have dinner," he said. "Maybe see our grandmas and get presents."

But he also hinted at some possible sibling rivalry issues. “They’re kind of at war right now, so there haven’t been any precious moments,” Liev said. “Once Christmas is gone and the presents are out of the way, maybe they’ll return to normalcy again.” OK! asked how he keeps the peace and Liev quipped, “Less presents!” Ah, the joys of the holidays...

In 2010, Naomi said she'd consider having a third child, but only "if I could guarantee myself a girl ... But I’d be sure to have another boy! I always knew I’d have boys." Ha! Rowdy sons only make the holidays more memorable — just ask Ralphie and Randy of A Christmas Story.

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