Credit: Jemal Countess/Getty Images Photo: Lil Kim in the Reality of Fashion/Reality of AIDS Runway Show on February 9, 2013

Lil' Kim may be losing to Nicki Minaj when it comes to female rappers fighting for relevance, but that beef pales in comparison with the one her former business manager has against her.

According to TMZ, Kim’s former business manager, Andrew Ro, is suing the rapper for $15 million, claiming that her diva behavior cost him huge amounts of money during their time working together.

In the suit, Andrew alleges that, according to a deal inked in August 2012, Kim agreed to promote everything from drinks to clothing for Andrew — but failed to deliver.

What he got instead was a slew of absurd demands from the diminutive diva, who allegedly refused to attend meetings without being paid overtime, and eventually stopped taking his calls entirely.

Kim has filed a suit against Andrew and his company, International Rock Star Corp., as well, claiming she was conned into a bad business deal.

Source: TMZ