Lindsay Lohan may not be able to pay her taxes, but her bedroom now has all the trappings of luxury thanks to Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorators

The Liz & Dick star will be featured on the reality show’s Jan.1 episode, as her bedroom was renovated this year by one of the show’s decorators, Kathryn Ireland.

And it’s no wonder Lindsay volunteered to be on the show the girl’s bedroom could certainly use some help in the decorating department.

“Clearly, I need more space,” Lindsay says while describing her room and pointing to the handbags she’s used to fill the wall space. “I got bored so I started decorating with Chanel.”

Unfortunately, we may never see what Lindsay’s “after” home looks like. According to TMZ, Lindsay refused to film the show’s big reveal, despite the fact that execs spent over $200,000 renovating her pad. 

Source: TMZE! Online

Credit: Bravo Photo: An Inside Look at Lindsay Lohan's Nearly Empty Bedroom (VIDEO)