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Lindsay Lohan took a much-needed break from her endless line of legal battles and driving issues last night to horse around on set with Jimmy Fallon.  

For one particularly goofy segment on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon called “Let Us Play With Your Look,” the 26-year-old actress got in on the fun by donning a short, platinum wig, gold glasses, and a futuristic all-white outfit.

As Jimmy sang “Let Us Play With Your Look” over and over, LiLo proceeded to give one lucky audience member quite the makeover, covering his hair with gel and fashioning it into a fauxhawk.

We’re not sure if we’d want Lindsay to act as our hair stylist, but it sure is great to see the star getting back to her old comedic ways! What do you think of her funky, blonde look?

Source: E! Online

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Credit: Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Photo: See Lindsay Lohan's Full-Body Makeover on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)