Lindsay Lohan is the opposite of Kelly Clarkson. She does hook up.

She hooked up with Max George from The Wanted, and now the New York Daily News says she's hooking up with a 22-year-old DJ named Julian Cavin.

"'Dating' may be too heavy of a word to use right now," one source who saw them "sucking face in front of everyone” Friday night told the NY Daily News. “They haven’t been hooking up that long.” But an insider added that "they spent all weekend together and they’re seeing each other."

Lindsay, 26, previously dated DJ Samantha Ronson. That was a pretty serious relationship, but this new one sounds fairly casual, for now. She's just out and about, partying and having fun. As usual. Do you think she'll ever mature out of this phase? Just curious.

Source: New York Daily News