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Lindsay Lohan wants to have her cake and eat it, too.

Lindsay has been sentenced to a 90-day locked-down rehab stint, and she is telling friends she's upset that she'll miss her planned 27th birthday party, according to TMZ.

Linds turns a year older on July 2, and since she has been ordered to check into rehab within the next month and a half, the big day will indeed happen while she's in treatment.

She apparently had plans to throw a big party in NYC, and now that won't happen.

TMZ is claiming that she isn't bummed about the whole rehab stint, but just the fact that it will disrupt her party plans.

Lindsay was sentenced to rehab earlier this month stemming from a car accident last summer in which she initially claimed to have not been driving. 

In case you aren't keeping count, this will mark the troubled Liz & Dick star's sixth time in rehab. Maybe the sixth time is the charm?

Oh, well — hopefully she'll be able to celebrate her 28th birthday as a free woman. Fingers crossed.

Source: TMZ