What's the real story on the car crash Lindsay Lohan was involved in on Friday? The details are getting increasingly murky, as new reports have Lindsay claiming that the brakes on her rented Porsche failed, causing Friday's accident. 

TMZ reports that while Lindsay's first explanation for the incident was that the 18-wheeler truck that her car hit cut her off, forcing her to slam into the back of the truck, but now she's telling friends that she slammed on the brakes but they didn't stop the car in time. Worse still? Lindsay says that she was told that the car's brakes had been replaced two days earlier.

But despite the back-and-forth over the cause of the incident, Lindsay says that she "feels lucky to be alive." After all these mishaps? We agree — she is lucky to be alive!

Source: TMZ

Credit: TMZ Photo: Truck Driver in Lindsay Lohan Car Crash: They Tried to Bribe Me (VIDEO)

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