A witness claims Lindsay Lohan was the drink-tosser, not the tossee as her camp claims, during a tussle at Hollywood club Smoke and Mirrors on Wednesday, according to TMZ.

A witness who was partying with LiLo’s foe claims that Lindsay was the one who started the altercation. The source claims that Lindsay tapped the girl on the shoulder and aggressively demanded to know if she’d bumped into her. The girl claimed she hadn’t, and suggested it was a man in Lindsay’s party.

"That's my dad ... why would he bump me?" Lindsay replied.

“You go clubbing with your dad?” the young lady wanted to know. Whereupon Lindsay’s instincts kicked in and she threw a drink in her face.

Allegedly, of course. Lindsay's pop Michael Lohan says this side of the story is a pack of lies. Michael went on TMZ last night and claimed that it was Lindsay who got the face-tini.

Source: TMZ

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