Credit: Getty Images

We ought to know by now that in Lindsay Lohan’s world, nothing is definite until the last minute. Way to go, Lindsay, for always keeping us on our toes!

Just yesterday, after we learned the news of Lindsay’s split with her rocker boyfriend, Avi Snow, the actress’ rep confirmed that Lilo will not be in NYC for the premiere of Scary Movie 5.

But hey that was a whole day ago—of course that’s not the case anymore! E! News today confirms that Lindsay will in fact (we use the word “fact” loosely here) be walking the red carpet at the premiere of Scary Movie 5 this coming Thursday.

It’s a rather brave move considering that Lindsay’s legal troubles were made the butt of jokes in some of the film’s promotional campaign. One promo clip showed a woman in a designer ankle bracelet—the kind Lindsay sported in her sobriety attempt. Text on the screen read, “The Lindsay Lohan Ankle Monitor Collection, If you think this is effed up...wait 'til you see Scary Movie V.”

Way harsh! But revenge is a dish best served...smoking hot. If Linds shows up looking fierce and behaving totally in control, she could have the last laugh.

Source: E! News