Credit: Reed Saxon - Pool/Getty Images Photo: Lindsay Lohan Adds Another Mug Shot to Her Collection

Given Lindsay Lohan's sordid past (and current if we're being honest) with substance abuse and lawlessness, it makes sense that she would want to pay the lessons she's learned forward. But evidently she didn't quite make it happen.


TMZ reports that Lindsay had planned on staging an intervention for her good friend and hotel magnate, Vikram Chatwal. But the actual intervention never came to fruition.


Vikram owns the Dream Hotel in New York City which is where Lindsay frequented as both a partier and lodger given that she was usually comped by her good friend.


From there, a friendship grew as the duo partied together, but Lindsay was concerned enough to want to confront Vikram about the danger around what he was doing and when Lindsay Lohan is concerned with your behavior, that's kind of a huge problem.


Lindsay's plan was to surprise Vikram with friends and family in Hollywood at the Chateau Marmont. Once there, each person would share their concern with his drug use.


But the intervention never actually occurred. 


And while Vikram's recent arrest in Ft. Lauderdale for possession of weed, heroin, cocaine and prescription pills can't be pinned on Lindsay's failure to intervene, it certainly couldn't have hurt.


Source: TMZ