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TV's Lisa Ling is having mixed emotions about her first pregnancy.

“I’m finally going down this road and it’s scary,” Lisa  who's six months pregnant with a baby girl  tells People. “I’m really excited but more nervous than anything."

“I’m nervous about all of it. I’m nervous about how my life is going to completely change. I’m nervous about how I’m going to actually carry the baby. I’m nervous about changing diapers. I’m not someone who likes to be nervous. I’m someone who is always in control,” she continues.

However, Lisa  who hosts Our America on OWN and was formerly on The View  knows that this is indeed a blessing. “But I feel very fortunate,” she says. “My husband [Paul Song] and I are very, very lucky that this is even happening. I’m really excited about investing our emotion and love in another person. I’m finally ready for it.”

Plus, she's looking on the bright, vomit-free side of things. “I didnt have any morning sickness at all and feel pretty normal other than getting this belly!” she says.

And what's better than not having morning sickness?

Source: People

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