Credit: Jonathan Fickies/Bravo Photo: Christine Brown at Bravo's Mad Fashion Premiere Party

Project Runway favorite Chris March has moved on from wowing judges to working for the stars on his new Bravo show, Mad Fashion, premiering Tuesday, October 4, at 10/9c. Each week, Chris and his team are challenged with creating one-of-kind designs for celebs, from Secret Life’s Jennifer Coolidge (Betty Boykewich) to ex Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dina Manzo. Wetpaint Entertainment stopped by Bravo's premiere party at Yotel in NYC Tuesday night and caught up with Chris’s Mad Fashion teammate, Christine Brown, for an exclusive Q&A.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What is your role on the show?
Christine Brown: I am the bedazzler-slash-seamstress. I make things sparkle,and I help Chris with the construction of the dresses.

Who’s been your most difficult client so far?
Well, not necessarily the most difficult, but maybe an extreme fashionista, which made it a little more difficult to impress them. Suzanne Bartsch. She is an exciting episode. She’s a nightlife person, she dresses up every night with something outrageous. She’s like an underground Gaga. So creating something that she was really going to be impressed by was a challenge.

Why do clients seek out Chris?
Chris does things that nobody else thinks of. You know, he’s like the king of Gaga garments. He actually just designed something for Lady Gaga. He just does really amazing, original things. So I think people, when they really want something special and they don’t want to be matching anyone else, they come to him. When they want to stand out and make a statement, he’s the one to go to.

What will make Mad Fashion stand out in the Bravo lineup?
It’s different from anything they have on right now. It’s not competitive. It’s not catty. It’s about the construction of a garment, and that’s what I loved about Project Runway. I watched it when I was in high school and I was just so inspired by it. I hope people respond well to it. I love it.