Credit: AMC Photo: Mad Men Season 6's Betty, Sally, Megan and Don

Wow, when they teased Mad Men Season 6 might be more "exciting" than past seasons, we didn't expect it all to be packed into the premiere.

The AMC show returns with a two-hour premiere on Sunday, April 7. Lucky E! News got to see the ep in advance and said it will be worth the wait. "Here are five things you can expect to see: a wedding, two deaths, Megan rocking several colorful bikinis, a dramatic physical transformation from Betty and one character dropping an F-bomb (is that even allowed on AMC?!). As for the finale's big question — did Don cheat on Megan? — let's just say that will no longer be a question by the end of the two-hour premiere."

The wedding sounds like it's part of Don and Megan's trip to Hawaii. In previously released photos, they were seen on the beach, and Don appeared to attend someone's wedding. There's even a shot of Megan staring at her wedding ring. Two deaths, though? That's interesting. And do you think Don cheated on Megan? Is he back to his Old Don ways? At the end of Season 5, we left him in that bar as two attractive women asked if he was alone. Oh, and it sounds like Betty may not be “fat” anymore, but she'll probably find something new to complain about. Some things never change.

Source: E! News