Megan (Jessica Paré) wasn't the most popular character on Mad Men Season 5, even before she got “Zou Biso Bisou” stuck in our heads. Don Draper (Jon Hamm) seemed to marry his secretary on a (midlife crisis cliché) whim and viewers had his puppy dog love for her thrust in their faces all season. It annoyed many fans as much as it annoyed the couple's co-workers at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

But then Megan quit SCDP and went full throttle on her acting career, even getting Don to use his influence to help her land a commercial. On the season finale, we saw Megan filming her commercial (as "Miss Calvet," not Mrs. Draper) and Don walking away, sitting at a bar getting hit on by women, just like Old Don. The final line of the season was from one of the ladies to Don: "Are you alone?" 

Credit: AMC

Well, it doesn't look like it!

We wondered if we’d seen the end of Don and Megan, especially since Mad Men likes to do time jumps between seasons, and the honeymoon phase definitely seemed to be over. But new spoiler photos have emerged from Season 6, which is now filming, and they suggest a united Draper household.

We already knew Don and Megan were headed to Hawaii and the new photos show him in swim trunks and her in a bikini. There's one shot where Megan stares down at her wedding ring. It's hard to tell her expression with her sunglasses on, but they are still apparently married. In another shot, they appear to pose for a photo someone else is taking. Megan is smiling, but Don looks serious. However, in another shot of the same kind, both Megan and Don are smiling and look relaxed. Can we assume anything from that, other than 1) Don is not much for manscaping and 2) that is the cutest bikini. Do you think it’s a 1968 bikini? Season 5 ended in 1967 and they often jump ahead a year.

The Daily Mail also has spoiler photos of Don in a suit with a lei around his neck, standing on a beach next to a bride. As the site speculates, "However, while it appeared at first glance that Don was involved in the wedding, it seems more likely that he was in fact acting as a witness as the young woman tied the knot with her soldier beau, seen standing alongside her with another man also in uniform."

Maybe an old buddy from the war? Is that why they were in Hawaii — not for a romantic getaway, but for the wedding of a friend, whether his or hers? AMC has revealed exactly nothing about this, so right now all we can do is guess. Don and Megan have mixed luck when it comes to vacays. They fell in love during that trip to California at the end of Season 4, but had a huge fight at Howard Johnsons during a failed “love leave” trip on Season 5. We’ll have to see how this new adventure goes!

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