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Just in case you weren’t already in love with Mad Men’s Jon Hamm, this video Q&A in which he answers five questions from teenage girls might just seal the deal.

Jon made the video as part of Rookie Mag’s “Ask a Grown Man” series, where famous “grown ass men” answer questions from the site’s teenage readership. Looking a little scruffy and sleepy with a five o’clock shadow and a t-shirt on, Jon sits in front of his computer to address questions like, “Why did a guy like me one day, then change his mind the next day?” and “I want to do stuff but he doesn’t want to. What is he afraid of?”

Jon’s answers are deadpan, honest, non-judgmental, and straightforward. Plus, he is Jon Hamm and can do no wrong, so we think they’re trustworthy. A few Hamm-isms:

“The world’s your oyster. Don’t define yourself by who wants to get with you.”
“I was under the impression that girls never farted.”
“Don’t go around trying to please guys. It’s impossible.”
“[Guys] are human beings and we get nervous and we like girls and that’s how it works.”

Check out the full interview below!

Credit: Rookie Mag Photo: Mad Men's Jon Hamm Gives Advice to Teenage Girls: "Don't Dress for Guys" (VIDEO)

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