Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images Photo: Madonna Performs During the Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show on February 5, 2012

Just when we thought Madonna had finally begun to tame her wild ways, the singer is now being criticized for imposing the image of a swastika on French political leader Marine Le Pen’s forehead during a recent concert in Tel Aviv, Israel.

While Madonna’s actions may seem outrageous, it’s important to understand the context of her latest controversial gimmick. Le Pen is the leader of the National Front party, which was founded by her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen. Jean-Marie has a history of publicly condoning Nazi hate crimes, and he was fined $13,000 in 2005 for making anti-Semitic remarks.

Madonna a practicing kabbalist — may have felt that she was supporting the Jewish people, but Marine Le Pen has threatened to sue the Material Girl if she uses the swastika graphic during her concerts in Le Pen’s native France.

Le Pen told the Daily Mail, ““If she does that in France, we’ll be waiting.”

Did Madonna go overboard, or was she just trying to show her support for the Jewish people?

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Source: Entertainment Weekly