Credit: YouTube

Even Presidents of the United States are susceptible to photobombing!

As Sasha Obama, 11, fiddled with her iPod Touch, which she had decked out in a green turtle-shaped case, her parents — newly re-inaugurated President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle — had to kiss for the photo op four times!

Such tedium, huh? Even with his wife’s foxy new bangs, the President looked a tad impatient!

Malia Obama, 14, also touting an iPhone, certainly wasn’t helping. She even photobombed one of the snapshots, blocking Sasha’s sightline with her mouth agape.

Finally Sasha seemed to capture a keeper, and Michelle excitedly beckoned for her to show her the winning shot, then seemed to wipe her lipstick off Barack’s mouth with her hand.

It was a cute family moment captured in NBC’s coverage of the inauguration, and you can see the whole moment in the video below.