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How's this for a weird flashback moment? Mara Wilson, the actress who stole America's heart as a child actor with roles in Mrs. Doubtfire, Miracle on 34th Street, and, of course, the lead in Matilda, is fight haters via Internet video. Hilariously.

Here's the deal: Internet critic The Guy With the Glasses reviewed one of Mara's lesser known films, A Simple Wish, as part of his "Nostalgia Critic" series, and he managed to get Mara to chime in, too.

TGWTG's snarky, unflattering commentary didn't please Mara at all, and in this video she defends her childhood acting — by digging up embarrassing videos of the critic as a kid. It's clearly all in good fun, and we have to say, Mara definitely still has acting chops. Plus, she looks good.

Check it out! (Mara comes in about 20 minutes in.)

Credit: The Guy With the Glasses Photo: Mara Wilson (aka Matilda) Takes Down The Guy With the Glasses (VIDEO)


Source:  The Guy With the Glasses

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