Will we soon be seeing a rock on Mary-Kate Olsen's finger?

The 26-year-old former child star has been dating 43-year-old Olivier Sarkozy for about 10 months now, and he really wants to propse, according to Us Weekly.

However, Mary-Kate has reportedly told him to hold off, as she isn't quite ready to commit. 

"Mary-Kate wants to give it more time," an insider reveals. "She's not in any rush." 

Another source confirms that Mary-Kate is "making him wait." 

Meanwhile, Olivier "wants to lock her down for life," according to a friend of his.

"He calls her 'smart as a whip' and says she's mature for her age," the source adds.

This couple certainly seems like an odd fit for each other, and we're wondering if Mary-Kate's hesitation is a sign that they're headed for splitsville.

Still, we're happy for them that they appear to be going strong  marriage or not!

Source: Us Weekly